Brand Presence Management for the Enterprise

The Brandle Presence Manager

Brand Discovery

What you don’t know can hurt you! Brandle looks for points of presence (POPs) across the web that match your brand – authorized or unauthorized – and brings them to your attention. Claim, ignore, or investigate them.

Active Inventory

Throw away the spreadsheets and use a collaborative system to keep track of your web and social properties. Create a hierarchy of your brands and identities allowing you to visualize your social data and footprint.

Social Ownership

Easily document what belongs to the company and what belongs to your employees, advocates or partners. Brandle centralizes and empowers your social team while keeping ownership boundaries clear.

Enterprise Infrastructure

There are a lot of stakeholders in a social business: Marketing, Sales, Support, Legal, IT, Products, and more. Brandle let’s you manage tasks and work with team members across the enterprise (and with vendors).

Compliance & Brand Analysis

Quickly review your corporate and employee POP profiles and avatars ensuring that regulatory compliance and brand standards are met.  Reports make it easy to maintain your brand integrity across the web.

Brand Monitor & Patrol

Brandle is the first step in protecting your brand online! Receive alerts when changes are made to the credentials of your social accounts and when new web or social properties are created using your brand.

Recent News

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Every social media account linked to your medical organization is a potential doorway to a HIPAA violation. Read our blog post for five smart steps to reduce your risk.

About Us

Brandle, Inc. is dedicated to providing a comprehensive system for companies to manage the properties of their brands, identities, and relationships across the web and on all major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, SlideShare, and Pinterest. It is our mission to become the trusted source for the management and verification of online brand and identity presence. We are committed to adding functionality that allows the enterprise to manage, secure, and protect their brands and web properties.